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1. We take a stand against fake hosting reviews. Any person or hosting company caught will be exposed for everyone else to see.

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By |  Published: 2010-01-22

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"Too many online hosting guides are JUST about money, and not about what's really right for the customer."

We started since we have used many different hosting companies throughout our online careers and also through our main business venture ( Since we are selling a website solution, it is of utmost importance to us that our customers' sites are always up and running. That is why exceptional web hosting is crucial to us.

Over the years we have often been in a situation where we need to choose a hosting company that fits the needs of ourselves and our cients. But during the selection process we noticed how one hosting review site might praise a particular host and give it top ratings, while another would give it very negative reviews.

Whether or not some of the big review sites are actually owned by hosting companies we can not say. But we can say that our research has shown a lot of inconsistencies. How can one of host get a 12% score by a large statistical base of users on one review site while at the same time receiving a 97% score on another? It doesn't add up.

We have found that trusting a single source of information when choosing a web host is not a good idea. It is important for us to provide a balanced view of each web host from across the web and not just throw 99% ratings around because a particular host is willing to pay us a lot of money.

Yes, we do receive compensation from hosting companies, but the compensation does not in any way influence our reviews. In fact some of the highest paying web hosts get a very negative review on this site. Our users come first. Our financial interests come second. Of course some people might feel that we shouldn't received compensation at all. But it takes time and money to create a useful website.

Ábout us
This site is run by two online entrepreneurs from Copenhagen, Denmark. Our backgrounds are a healthy combinations of Internet marketing, musical studies and scientific education.

We feel it is important to create useful web properties that always strive to improve people's lives above everything else. All our ventures are for profit - we make no excuses for that. But we do believe that providing value for our users is more important than making money.

Our goals
Our long term goals extends beyond traditional business goals. We aspire not only to run a successful online media company, but also to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Until that is a reality, we really prefer not to say that much about it.



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