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MUST READ before buying web hosting

By |  Published: 2010-02-03

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The web hosting industry can be both greedy and disturbing. Common practices among hosts and the companies who seek to promote them are not always squeaky clean. Not all hosting companies or websites are like that of course, but our research strongly indicates that you can't simply assume that any old "hosting review" site you come across will help you make an informed decision about which web host to choose.

Numerous people report having experienced their honest reviews being deleted on these review sites because they were critical of a certain web hosting company. Some times reviews even get deleted when they are too positive. Why would a review site delete positive reviews? Well, quite simply because the hosting review site may well be heavily funded by certain competitors who don't want their competition to look to good. does engage in affiliate relations. However, we do NOT sell rankings, we do not delete reviews, we do not give any type of preferential placement for any reason whatsoever. Rankings and ratings are natural. If a web hosting receives a lot of negative reviews and comments, we will be sure to let you know about it.

Many established web hosting guides and reviews sites not only lists the companies who pay them the most money as the top hosts in their  "ranking" lists, they also charge extra depending on which spot in the top 10 list the company wants. All in all, the rankings that users see are ranked according to the amount of money that exchanges hands between the hosting company and the "review site".

At rankings are not for sale. Feel free to pose as a host or send us fake requests asking to pay for placements. We will decline your request. We also monitor for fake reviews. Any web host caught trying to game our system will be exposed for the world to see.

But the lesson here is quite simple. Do not buy web hosting based on rankings on hosting review sites. You need to do more thorough research. Check out the article How to buy web hosting.



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